When did Push Notifications start working in the simulator? And how come I didn't notice this until now?

@rinsuki @paul what?! Wow! But … I won’t update my Xcode 13 until I really have to. Anyway - good to know that! That could make debugging notifications much easier i think

@nSonic @rinsuki @paul Just to sweeter the pill: local notifications should work from as far as Xcode 12 out earlier

@yar @rinsuki @paul local notifications are no notifications 😆 the real problems/questions occur with the real stuff, the remote stuff.

I once was able to send a test notification from the terminal 🤔 I can’t find the shell script anymore and weren’t able to reproduce it. Hm. If someone has a link to a how-to I’ll try again next week - I’m using the token way so the certificate should not be needed, right?

@nSonic @rinsuki @paul Agree, but we’ve got what we’ve got 💁🏻‍♂️

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